BeFREE 07 (BF07) - Touchcomputer with Integrated Intercom and Handset

Voice Communication Dispatching Device

The BeFREE 07 (BF07) is a member of the modular FREE (also referred to as FREE/FREE+/BeFREE) product family, integrating a 7” touchmonitor, a computer, an intercom device and a Handset. The touchmonitor comprises a wide-screen, wide viewing angle TFT LCD and 5-wire resistive touchscreen. The computer is based on a main-board with Intel dual-core Celeron processor (N3350) and a solid state disk. Thanks to low-power components and the corresponding electronic and thermal design the BeFREE 07 is completely silent and without moving parts

  • Spacesaving integration of a fanless touchcomputer, Intercom and Handset
  • 7” TFT LCD (15:9) with 800 x 480 resolution
  • 6 additional programmable keys with integrated LED indicators
  • Modular – combinable with other modules of the FREE family into multifunctional terminals
  • Low-profile horizontal design
  • Silent and reliable – no moving parts, industrial grade components, Ethernet redundancy, redundant internal audio and controller interfaces
  • Cable management – hidden and secured, but accessible
  • Built-in Tipro Controller
  • Stereo loudspeakers (Left and Right, 2 x 2W) with volume control encoder
  • Goose-neck microphone with illuminated PTT key
  • 6 programmable keys
  • Three-colour bar-graph display
  • Several LED indicators (power, SSD, microphone, touchscreen …)
  • Optional Inclination Mechanism (VESA 75)
  • Operator/Dispatcher terminals/consoles for command and control centres in:
    • Transport and traffic control (railways, air traffic …)
    • Public safety (police, fire brigades, ambulance …)
    • Utilities (electricity, gas …)
    • Building/facility management systems (airports, banks, industrial plants …)
  • Trading and banking consoles
  • Multifunctional control panels


  • Intel Celeron N3350 (SoC) with 4 GB RAM (optional 8 GB RAM)
  • Solid-State Disk 32 GB (64 GB optional)
  • Operating System: Windows, Linux supported. Android possible-limited support. Supplied without operating system.


  • Industrial grade 7” high-brightness TFT LCD with 800 x 480 resolution


  • ELO 5-wire resistive touchscreen


  • Stereo loudspeakers (Left and Right, 2 x 2W) with two separate volume control encoders
  • Goose-neck microphone with illuminated PTT key
  • USB audio device
  • HID telephony interface supported
  • Optional echo-canceller with a digital signal processor


  • Automatically switching between Handsfree and Handset
  • Programmable Hook and PTT (/PTM) events
  • Programmable side-tone
  • Integrated acoustic shock protection
  • Optional Dialpad

Programmable Keys – User Configurable

  • 6 single keys
  • Various combinations of single, double and blind keys

Modular & Programmable

  • Can be combined with other modules from FREE family, e.g. Handset, keyboard
  • Keys can be programmed as keyboard emulation, HID Telephony events
  • Audio settings can be programmed (volume settings, microphone sensitivity, PTT/PTM, HOOK events, etc)
  • All settings stored in hardware, configuration software: ChangeMe
  • Hardware Echo Cancellation
    For use with duplex audio, in case no echo cancellation is present in software, we offer an optional hardware echo canceler.
  • Handset
    Because of the modular design, the BeFREE can be combined with one or more Handsets on the left or right side. The handset can be either:
    – USB; Besides the Handsfree audio, this offers an extra, independent, voice channel
    – Analog Switching; There is one audio (voice) channel that switches automatically from Handsfree to Handset when lifting the Handset.
  • Keyboard
    If more shortcut keys are needed, a programmable keyboard can be added to the BeFREE
  • Inclination Mechanism
    To change the angle of the display, an optional Inclination Mechanism can be mounted.

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