Handset Module - USB Audio Device

Voice Communication Dispatching Device.

The Handset module is a member of the modular FREE (also referred to as FREE / FREE+ / BeFREE) product family. It is a USB audio device for digital bidirectional voice communication, which can be combined with other family members into multifunctional consoles for various applications.

  • Add-on module or standalone device (if a Tipro controller is integrated in)
  • Combination of a USB audio device and an HID keyboard (plug&play operation with generic drivers)
  • Programmable PushToTalk key and Hook switch
  • Two RGB LED status indicators
  • Hardware generated side-tone
  • Software adjustable volume (loudspeaker and microphone) and side-tone level
  • Programmable signal processing includes ambient noise suppression (noise gating), signal compression and limiting
  • Analogue front-end designed to meet wide-band IP telephony standards
  • Integrated acoustic shock protection
  • Optional dial-pad in the cradle/base
  • Optional HID telephony interface
  • Optional analogue audio interface (instead of USB) for legacy systems
  • Optional analogue switching handset in combination with all BeFREEs (except the BeFREE07) and new Intercom module
  • Dispatcher terminals
  • Banking & trading consoles
  • Multifunctional control panels
  • Digital telephony (e.g. Voice over IP) devices


  • Designed to meet wide-band IP telephony standards
  • USB audio device or analog switching (using USB codec of BeFREE or Intercom)
  • HID telephony interface supported
  • Integrated acoustic shock protection
  • Push To Talk (PTT) or Push To Mute (PTM)

Programmable Keys – User Configurable

  • Programmable Hook and PTT (/PTM) events
  • Optional Dialpad

Modular & Programmable

  • Can be combined with other modules from FREE family, e.g. BeFREE, Speakerbox, Intercom, keyboard
  • Events can be programmed as keyboard emulation, HID Telephony events
  • Audio settings can be programmed (volume settings, microphone sensitivity, PTT/PTM, HOOK events, etc)
  • All settings stored in hardware, configuration software: ChangeMe
  • Dialpad
    A mechanical key pad can be integrated. All keys are fully programmable.
  • BeFREE
    Handsets can be added to any BeFREE.
  • Intercom or Speakerbox
    Because of the modular design, the Handset can be combined with a Speakerbox or intercom on the left or right side.
  • Keyboard
    If shortcut keys are needed, a programmable keyboard can be added to the Handset.

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