Speakerbox/Intercom Module
  • add-on module or standalone device (if a Tipro controller is integrated in)
  • combination of a USB audio device and an HID keyboard (plug&play operation with generic drivers)
  • stereo loudspeakers and goose-neck microphone
  • separate alert/alarm audio output
  • connection for an external analogue headset and handset
  • digital control over hands-free and optional headset/handset
  • incremental encoder (endless potentiometer) for volume control
  • three-colour bar-graph display as VU meter and/or volume indicator
  • six programmable keys with LED indicators for mode control and volume adjustment
  • analogue front-end designed to meet wide-band IP telephony standards
  • programmable signal processing includes ambient noise suppression (noise gating), signal compression and limiting
  • integrated acoustic shock protection
  • optional HID telephony interface
  • optional echo-cancellation circuity with a digital signal processor
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