FREE Keyboard Modules
  • add-on modules or stand-alone keyboards (if a Tipro controller is integrated in)
  • wide selection of sizes (32, 64, 96 and 128 keys) and key arrangements (X-Y matrix or staggered qwerty)
  • mechanical keys (Cherry MX) with ergonomic tactile feedback for frequent/intensive typing
  • different keycap sizes (single, double horizontal, double vertical, quadruple, blind)
  • two-part keycap structure: body & cover
  • various colours of keycap bodies and keycap covers
  • pad-printed key inscriptions on keycap bodies and/or covers (as a customization)
  • transparent keycap covers enable use of paper legends underneath
  • programmable key contents/codes (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+F5) emulating standard keyboard entry
  • up to four different contents (layers) per key
  • all key contents permanently stored in internal non-volatile memory of the Tipro controller

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